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Less noise and more conversation – makes sense, right? As BrandBarr’s trend forecaster and social media marketer, I had the privilege of joining fellow social media gurus to celebrate Social Media Day at the Atheneum Hotel in Detroit. And let me tell you, it was a social lineup, indeed.


Amber Beard, Social Media Recruiting Strategist at Quicken Loans

Michelle Gilbert, VP Public Relations & Social Media, Comcast Heartland Region

Jason Falls, Founder at Social Media Explorer LLC and Conversation Research Institute

Eric Thomas, Brand Strategist and Senior Partner at Saga Marketing

Nikki Little, Social Media Director at Identity

Key Takeaways:

1. Grow your brand by tapping into your employees’ POV. They have their own audience on social – so utilize it! When employees post about their place of work they’re likely to reach 8x more users for engagement than the brand channel would. Why is that? People respond to AUTHENTIC content.

2. Hack the conversation. Dissect the online conversation first. Understanding what users are saying and why they’re saying it helps to better understand your targeted demographics.

3. Market your brand through motivation. It’s all about PAA: power, affiliation and achievement. It’s only when you stop selling and start communicating with your audience that your brand will resonate.

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