Cinco de Mayo Design Prompt

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Tequila & Beer Labels

Feeling Stuck? A great way of breaking out of a creative rut is to work on a design prompt or passion project. Being that we have limited time at the studio – crafting small, manageable prompts works best for us to break away from client work & get the creative juices flowing.

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, we decided it’d be a fun prompt to design beer and/or tequila labels.

The brief, we’ll loosely call it:

  • 1 – Choose Tequila or Beer
  • 2a – Tequila – Name: “Mariposa” (butterfly in Spanish). Butterflies are symbolic for good luck 
  • 2b – Beer – Name: “Serpiente” (serpent in Spanish). Serpents are symbolic of a creative life force and “God of the Ocean”
  • 3 – Establish WHO your customer is (ex. adventure seeker, life of the party, hipster beer lover). This doesn’t have to be super in-depth, just a few keywords will suffice.
  • 4a – Based on your persona & keywords, create at least 1 bottle/label and mock it up!
  • 4b – If you have extra time or feeling inspired by the prompt, add on another mockup (ex. coasters, beer bottle caps, etc.)

Mariposa Tequila | Designed by Alicia

How I arrived at my final tequila label design:

I started by gathering research and inspiration around how tequila is made and were it comes from. “Mariposa” is Spanish for butterfly, so I also looked at butterflies as a source of inspiration for my design.

When it came to color I pulled my palette from a variety of different butterfly types as well as different landscape settings. Knowing that the agave plant is many times found in red volcanic soils, I also explored different orange and red tones that could be used.

I selected a bold chunky serif font as the main logo font because I felt that it had a nice personality that matched the boldness of the name “Mariposa”. I created an icon that was formed from the dot of the “i” which was then duplicated and rotated. This icon is a subtle representation of the top of a butterflies wings.

Much like the purity of the tequila, I created a layout that was minimal and had structure. I developed hand drawn line elements that contain the information and this was inspired by the lines found in butterfly wings.

– A

Serpiente Beer | Designed by Genevieve

Alright, let’s dive right into my design choices & what lead me to them.

I thought there was a nice duality with the “Double IPA” and snakes. Originally I was inspired by a siamese snake, BUT then noticed the 8% ABV and ultimately felt that drawing 2 overlapping snakes (representing double) and forming an “8″ of sorts was the best route to go.

The persona I crafted was a “Thrill-Seeker” – living life to the fullest – perfectly imperfect – full of adventure. I wanted the colors to reflect a bright energy, drawing you in closer, similar to the allure of snakes. I deliberately chose to hand-draw the snakes to add a human quality, connoting care in the craft of brewing beer and embracing imperfections.

– G

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