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  1. #SMDayDET

    Less noise and more conversation - makes sense, right? As BrandBarr's trend forecaster and social media marketer, I had the privilege of joining fellow social media gurus to celebrate Social Media Day at the Atheneum Hotel in Detroit. And let...

    by BrandBarr / 04.07.17 / , , 0

  2. BrandBarr Wins The Extra Mile Award

    Gusto, formerly known as Zenpayroll, is a super awesome HR & Payroll platform for all kinds of businesses. As part of their "Extra Mile Award" Campaign, they asked how we've created such a close-knit culture of high performers. We told...

    by BrandBarr / 04.07.17 / , , 0

  3. #3 Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction object, system or measurable. human interaction.
  4. International Women’s Day

    In honor of International Women's Day, Stephanie Faalta of WeWork's awesome Creator Magazine reached out to us for some input.  We thought about how we can support our fellow #FemBosses. Here's our take: Give free advice Women are up against...

    by BrandBarr / 04.07.17 / , , , 0

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