Muffits provides healthy, satisfying alternative muffin/baked good products that keep individuals satiated longer, made from proprietary, guilt-free, nutrient-dense, super-food recipes. Muffits seeks to change the way health-savvy individuals perceive the traditional “baked good”.

The Ask

To develop a sustainable brand identity that stands out from the competition, elevates the shopper experience and scales for future expansion (loafs, cakes, etc.).

The Outcome

We created a visual solution that feels friendly, trustworthy & informative. From the logo marks to the color palette, we wanted people to feel welcomed and excited to try these products.

Project Type

Brand Identity / Brand Collateral

Through our research we discovered that Muffits contain a significantly higher level of protein and collagen compared to competitors – we capitalized on these unique product attributes by developing a custom “M” inspired by double-helix DNA strands. This visually supports Muffits’ product differentiator(s) to their absolute core and brings significant meaning to the forefront.

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