Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center specializes in early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs. The team offers a holistic, collaborative approach in an effort to treat each patient with a custom plan tailored to their developmental needs.

The Ask

Create a brand identity system that is evocative of the supportive, holistic and nurturing Blossom method.

The Outcome

The result is an approachable brand identity that feels nurturing, professional and trustworthy. We developed a custom flower-like shape to represent the first “O” in “Blossom”. The shape overlaps to denote growth, collaboration and holistic qualities reflecting the brand’s core values. We used lowercase for the logotype “blossom” to give it a friendly feeling and paired the mark with an all uppercase qualifier offering a generous contrast.

Project Type

Brand Identity / Website Design

We extracted the custom flower shape of the logo mark and turned it into a repeat pattern which allows for a playful element across brand collateral. This may be used as background or texture elements that add visual interest to the overall design.

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