Situated in a quaint region of Japan, the city of Nara represents beauty, fine flavors and experiential Japanese cuisine. Nara Hibachi & Hot Rocks is a gathering place to celebrate and indulge in the senses. The concept offers a traditional hibachi experience with added fun, a separate bar and lounge, wine, cocktails and sushi.

The Ask

The client sought to develop a brand identity and comprehensive system of in-store and online collateral for launch. Visually, our goal was to create a contemporary and elevated brand identity that connotes exceptional craft, immersive experience and Japanese aesthetics.

The Outcome

Inspired by the clean, linear aesthetic of Japanese architecture and typography and the organic form observed throughout Japanese art and calligraphy, we developed the Nara Hibachi & Hot Rocks identity. While researching we stumbled upon the Enso circle, symbolizing a moment of uninhibited creativity and elegance. Not only was the Enso circle fitting for the exceptional design of the space, but also the true culinary creativity experienced every day. We ultimately chose to embrace the concept of wabi-sabi when selecting the final brushstroke seen in the Nara logos – beauty is in the imperfections. Our team created the brand identity and its corresponding applications, resulting in a successful opening and growing following as the brand expands.

Project Type

Brand Identity / Brand Management / Social Media

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