Avalon Wine Campaign

As the sustainability movement gains momentum, the Avalon Wine Program offers unique choices in the beverage market.

The Ask

To create a compelling visual (wine) campaign in order to enhance awareness, educate consumers, drive traffic, boost sales and support all wine/alcoholic beverages at Avalon Cafes.

The Outcome

It was clear from the beginning that capturing the fluid, organic form of not only wine, but the rolling hills of vineyards was a must. We chose to alter the typography to embody the motion of wine. This aesthetic, we felt, best aligned with Avalon’s fun and quirky personality and provided a fresh, unique look. The final color palette is bright and eye-catching, complementing the physical space and bringing the campaign and in-store experience together.

The (wine) campaign spans across in-store experience, large-scale signage, print design, social media marketing, and emailing marketing in a cohesive and recognizable fashion.

Project Type

Campaign Strategy / Design

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