CULTIVIE is a female-centric health and wellness brand offering specialty hormone balance, inflammatory and stress relief plant-based supplements. Each product is made using ancient combinations known for treating ailments for centuries. Their premium formula is not only prepared with wisdom, but pristine organic wild-crafted herbs, fresh ingredients, and raw full-spectrum botanical extracts.

The Ask

The company sought to develop a brand strategy, social media presence, a 28-day automated detox program, website, labels, and packaging.

The Outcome

We retained the original cultivie “C” as the brand logo mark and further developed it as a bold pattern across all packaging. We paired simple, legible typography with product specific colors to define the various offerings, resulting in easy-to-read, fresh packaging.

The activation resulted in a 667% increase in social following across Facebook and Instagram, a 300% increase in email subscribers, and complete Amazon launch.

Project Type

Package Design / Brand Collateral / Website Design / Social Media

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